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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a relaxing beachside destination for women to experience a rejuvenating weekend connecting with other women, incorporating seaglassing, yoga, and art into the journey towards relaxation peace and balance.


Includes an expert lesson in finding beautiful seaglass at a local beach known for plentiful and well finished seaglass pieces.


Gentle yoga practice geared towards all skill levels. Learn how to let go of stress, calm your mind, settle your body, and find a softer focus.


Includes simple, healthy, flavorful gourmet dishes prepared with love.

About us

Seaglass & Serenity is two women, sharing the same passion, their love for seaglass and everything beach. They became inspired to share their experiences and gifts with other women to give them the opportunity to create their own journey.


Kristin is a mother of two, as well as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over twenty-five years of experience helping people improve their lives and incorporate mindfulness and healthy practices into their everyday lives. Both professionally and personally, Kristin always strives to bring a sense of balance and calm to herself and those around her. She believes that an important element to healthy living is to find something that you are so passionate about that you lose track of time doing it. For Kristin, that has been both the time spent with friends and beachcombing and searching for seaglass. Kristin is thrilled to be able to give others the opportunity to share these passions in order to bring health, balance, and calm to their own lives.


Virginia is a mother of three, artist, yoga teacher, and healer. Originally from Argentina with a degree in early childhood education, she taught special needs students for many years before embarking on her new teaching journey. By using Reiki and spiritual guidance she creates healthy routines to detox the mind and body bringing a holistic wellness experience to others. She is certified in oncology yoga. She gives individualized attention to each student helping them become self aware to open their body and mind. She is determined to help others to nourish their soul to feel peaceful, powerful and refreshed. Seaglass came to her life and became an important part of her meditation. She realized that combining yoga, the beach and seaglassing was the perfect balance to live a life more full of passion and mindfulness.

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